All posts by Stinkfish Stinkfish - Born in Mexico, but raised in Colombia, Stinkfish has been honing his skills on the streets of his hometown of Bogota since an early age. He first experimented with stencils in 2003 and has since perfected his own, unique style. His murals, bursting with color, always have a stenciled portrait at their center. These portraits are taken from photos that the artist shoots during his travels around the world. They are faces that catch his eye, but not people he approaches and talks to. Another source is found photographs either discovered lying on the streets or bought at flea markets. He fashions large-scale stencils based on these photographs, which in the street are then amended by impromptu, colorful halos. Stinkfish is one of the founders of the crew Animal Power Culture (APC), which now boasts over 50 members. His collaborations with many different artists, as well as his solo pieces, can be found on the streets of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, England, Spain, Holland, Austria, France, Argentina, Colombia, India, and Nepal, among others countries.