Concrete People (1986)

Concrete People, 1986, 04:20, John Fekner and his band, City Squad.

In this collaborative City Squad project, John Fekner (vocals, keyboards, percussion, lyrics) wrote the song with musicians Dennis Lattmann (piano, synths) and Al Belfiore (Linn LM-1 drum sequence). Additional musicians included Sasha Sumner (sax), Sandy Mann (vocals) & Sandra Seymour (voice), Anthony Leicht (voice) Julie Federico (voice) and Dennis J. Lattmann (little boy’s voice) and Jim Recchione on harmonica.

Produced by- John Fekner

Directed by- John Fekner & Fred Baca

Edited by- Fred Baca

Chyron by- Mark Braverman

Animation Artists- Andrew Ruhren, John Fekner, Diane Hughes, Kathy Yasenchak, Nader Bakir, John Camara, Melissa Savage

Contributing Artists- Andrew Ruhren, John Fekner, Nader Bakir, Joann Dellaposta, Rachell Lamell, Ann Marie Roza, Lorraine Vigliarolo, Melissa Leigh, Jim Rechione, J.D Luke, John Camara, Ronald Koehnke, David Kornrumpf, Fred Baca, Tim Cantwell,   Melissa Savage

Special Thanks To- Dr. Seth Magot & students at Southampton College LIU, Material For The Arts, NYC, Anders Tornberg Lund, Sweden, The Kitchen, NYC, Monkey Hill Recording Studios

Computer graphics created on the Mindset/Lumena 

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