Trail Markers (2007)

John Fekner Trail Markers,  2006, 03:52

John Fekner’s Trail Markers is a tribute to the Native American tribes who lived in harmony with the land on Long Island and other areas of New York and New Jersey. The video was shot at various locations in Queens, NY and includes original footage from Environmental Stencils 77-79, a collaborative work with Fred Baca. Fekner considers Trail Markers, a video diptych, as it also features The Sight Of The Child. Two Native Americans narrate the first section. A child from a bleak future narrates the second section.

In this collaborative City Squad project, street artist John Fekner (vocals, keyboards, percusssion, lyrics) wrote the song with musicians Dennis Lattmann (piano, synths) and Al Belfiore (Linn LM-1 drum sequence).


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