All posts by Adam Void where are you right now? you are not in the streets, if you are, then you're "not really there" you don't see my tag next to you because the screen has your attention this is why I chose to document my graffiti with video so many pieces have been made for an exclusive, site-specific audience my videos are filmed on a hand-held vhs-c camcorder, edited in-camera or with outdated software I am not a video artist. I am an artist that makes videos. -Adam Void

Virtuous Reality

Virtuous Reality – 2014, Adam Void & Ryan Seslow

We both have mutual friends and roots in graffiti and street art but we connected via the internet. I discovered Adam’s work online several years ago, but it was through the Streaming Festival and a post on  that activated us to get working on this series. The process follows a pass the buck arrangement. By using dropbox we wait for each other to complete a video segment and then work off of the last extension of the piece based on our own interpretations. We can both alter, chop, manipulate and re-arrange each others work. This gives us both the option to see our own works through the eyes of another artist. I have learned a lot about how my works can be viewed and perceived. – Ryan Seslow
“One is never certain of the final outcome when an artwork is produced through collaboration. Virtuous Reality was created without a preconceived theme, title, or running time. Each artist was inspired by the previous incarnation of the video, added their piece, rearranged the parts, and in turn, produced a new film at each step of the process. I am pleasantly surprised by the video’s outcome, and hope that the final product stands as a testament to the process by which it was made.” – A.Void